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  • Coaching game Practicumfour parts of me

    By listening to yourself you can find all the answers you need and the best solutions to any situation! The answers are inside you!

  • Coaching game Practicumfour parts of me

    The field of play bears the image of Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man", which carries the energy of balance and the connection of all parts of man to the universe.

  • Coaching game Practicumfour parts of me

    "The game helps us to pay attention to our habitual ways of reacting in different situations, to know ourselves better, to make informed choices"

About Us

Hello, our dear friend! If this game has caught your attention, then you are ready to embark on a journey of sensual self-awareness and help others in self-discovery. There are no accidents and everything happens in time!

We present a new author's transformational game "4 Parts of Me" (authors Katerina Pipiriene and Elena Liaudiniene). The game is based on transformational coaching, the enneagram of a person (showing the interactions of the spiritual and material in the sphere of consciousness and subconsciousness) and deep practices of Jack Makani and Julia Kubova, which have helped many people around the world to realize the unity of soul and body.

Game Set


● A Field;

● A set of natural stones that carry their own energy and can answer many questions;

●  A deck of 167 author's metaphorical cards drawn through body, heart, thoughts and intuition;

● 64 cards with additional coaching questions;

● 64 "Resource" cards;

● 64 "Needs" cards.